We could really use some help in sharing to others about our Farm Boxes.  We're struggling to continue keeping the farm staying in the Red. We've had some weather related set backs. Between the record cold in Feb. another late freeze and a big hail storm. Lots of extra money spent. Due to the Co-vid all of our supplies have gone up in price by 50%. We really appreciate each of you!

Weekly Farm Box

Our weekly Farm box will have in it some of our freshest crops from the farm. Each week will be different depending on what's ready to harvest. We'll post each Thursday as to what's in the weekly box. Boxes needs to be purchased by Monday at midnight. The boxes will be ready each Wednesday. They can be picked up at the farm or at one of the following locations;  North Fort Worth,  Trophy Club,  Park Glen, Saginaw and Timarron-Southlake, 

. If you follow us on Facebook, we will post when each location has been delivered.    https://www.facebook.com/lcajnfarm/

We don't list the actual addresses due to them being private residences. Please call April at 940-577-8329, before 8 pm for the address. 

Starting November 2020, we are moving towards more Direct Home Delivery. We will still have a few Free Community Drop off Locations, ( Park Glen, Saginaw, Costco-Quail Groove, Trophy Club and Southlake).

If you live within a 30 mile radius from the Farm the Home Delivery Cost will be just $5. And it is already figured into the price of the Box.

If you live between 31 and 45 miles from the Farm you will have to pay an additional $5.

MAY 19, 2021

Pick 3 or Pick 5

Please only pick each item once. 

  1. Squash/Zucchini Mix

  2. Broccoli

  3. Green Onions/Cilantro Mix

  4. Carrots

  5. Radishes

  6. Lettuce

  7. Potatoes

  8. Onions

  9. Surprise item

Sampler Box

Squash/Zucchini Mix



Green Onions/Cilantro Mix





This is a sampling of all the produce that was harvested this week. No Substitution on this Box.

Big Surprise Box

At least 5 items that may or may not be listed above. This is a fun box.

Small Surprise Box

At least 3 items that may or may not be listed above.

Extras for this week:

Pork Breakfast Sausage, Ground Pork and Eggs

If you have any questions feel free to contact us. 

April 940-577-8329

Cecil 817-845-0098