Weekly Farm Box

Our weekly Farm box will have in it some of our freshest crops from the farm. Each week will be different depending on what's ready to harvest. We'll post each Thursday as to what's in the weekly box. Boxes needs to be purchased by Tuesday at 9 PM. The boxes will be ready each Wednesday. They can be picked up at the farm or at one of the following locations; Azle, North Fort Worth, Haslet, Roanoke, Paradise, Decatur, Denton, Hravest-Argle,  Trophy Club, Southlake, Park Glen, Village of Woodland Springs,  Justin, Saginaw and Timarron-Southlake

and many more as long as we have at least 3 boxes in an area. If you follow us on Facebook, we will post when each location has been delivered.    https://www.facebook.com/lcajnfarm/

We don't list the actual addresses due to them being private residences. Please call April at 940-577-8329, before 8 pm for the address. 

We are now offering direct Home delivery. You can order your box as usual but instead of the free community delivery, you can choose to pay for direct Home delivery. Direct Home Delivery will be on each Thursday. The delivery  fee is $10. It has a 30 mile radius from the Farm. You will need to put Home Delivery in the the section for location. And you will need to pay for the Home Delivery in the store. 

November 27,2019


Pick 5, $26

Pick 3, $16


Select 5 or 3 items, depending on the Box you choose, from the list below. Please only select each item once.

  1. Eggs

  2. Oranges

  3. Apples

  4. Surprise item ( something from the field that we don't have enough to add to list)

  5. Sweet Potatoes

  6. Red Potatoes

  7. Onions

  8. green onions and cilantro

  9. A surprise jar of one of our Pickles

Sampler Box


Red Potatoes



Sweet Potatoes

green onions


This is a sampling of the harvest. No substitution on this box. 


New Box!!

Mystery Box

We'll pick you out at least 5 of our freshly picked, home grown, crops. It will be the popular crops.

Extras this week  Honey, Eggs, Whole farm Raised Chicken, Blueberry Pepper Jelly and Triple Berry Pepper Jelly, Cajun fried whole Chicken, Smoked or Cajun Fried Turkey, Smoked or Cajun Ham

Don't forget to order your Cajun Fried Turkey, Smoked Turkey, Cajun Ham, Smoked Ham and Cajun Fried whole Chicken

If you have any questions feel free to contact us

April 940-577-8329

Cecil 817-845-0098

We'll deliver to any neighborhood within reason as long as 3 boxes have been ordered and someone will be the drop off location.

We are taking orders on Texas grown Fruit Trees.

Here is the list of what's available

Kiowa Blackberries

Thornless Prime-Ark Blackberries

Wonderful Pomegranate

Venus seedless grapes

Fuyu Persimmons

Celeste Figs

Ranger, Alberta and Redskin Peaches

Red Globe Nectarines

Caddo and Choctaw Pecans

Bartlett and Orient Pears

Fuji, Gala and Pink Lady Apples

Morris and Ozark Premier Plums

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