About our Farm Boxes

Click on the link to view a video of how the Farm boxes work.


This is an older video. The prices have changed.

Here are the different options and the kind of boxes that we offer.

Sample Box

This box comes with a sample of all the different fruits and vegetables that we harvested. We usually won't offer this box unless we have 6 items or more. This box will not come with any eggs or meats. Strictly Produce. To us, this option is the best value for the money.

The Pick 5

This Box allows you to choose everything that goes into your box. Just select from from the items listed. We do ask that you only pick one of each item. This is insure that we have enough for everyone. You can choose Eggs and Meats, when offered.

The Pick 3

This Box allows to choose 3 items from the list.  We do ask that you only pick one of each item. . You can choose Eggs and Meats, when offered.


Surprise Box

Sometimes will offer this Box. This Box will have at least 5 items from the list. This is a good choice when you can't make up your mind or just want to be surprised. Fun Box


We can not tell you how much the boxes will weigh. But we can say, in our humble opinion, and from customers, that you will get your money's worth. Everything we grow is organic and sustainable. We also eat everything we grow. So great care is taken in growing, maintaining and harvesting our crops. 

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