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We're excited about getting the Teaching Farm going! This has been something we've wanted to do for many years. After all everyone went through over the last couple years, everyone should know how to grow their own food. Grow your own, even if it;s just enough for a meal or two.

We plan on doing some open classes for Adults as well as kids. These classes will be open for anyone who wants to attend the class. If you want to attend the class just go to the SHOP and click on the class.

We think that childern should know that the grocery stores are not the ones that make their food.Our goal is to get them excited about growing and maybe they will want to eat more veggies and fruit. We plan on teaching them by letting them get their hands dirty and planting seeds that they can take home and nurse it to grow. We will also have some fun activities that we hope will teach them about plants and trees.

Each class is 2 hours long.  Each Group Class will need to have at least 10 people and no more than 30 people. The cost is $15 a person. Each class can have 2 Chaperones if they choose and they will not have to pay anything.

We do ask that everyone wear old clothes and shoes. Because you might get dirty. 

You will need to book you date and time by going to the Shop Tab and clicking on the Teaching Farm. We will be limiting each time slot to only 1 group at a time. 


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