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At L'CAJN Farm we farm as natural as possible.  We buy all of our seeds from commercial suppliers. And have been using them for over 10 years.  They have us on a non-GMO list.  Which means, if we want to grow something new and want to try it but it's a gmo, they will tell us to avoid it. That it is.  We will never use gmo seeds.

We grow heirloom, O.P., and hybrid seeds.  We use some old-farming tecniques, but employ the new science to get the most production from the land and the plants.  Only organic fertilizers to feed the crops and organic microbes to feed the soil.  Drip irrigation helps us to accurately deliver water and nutrients while also efficiently using water, our most precious resource.


When you get your harvest from us it will be fresh.   We eat everything we grow.  And since we eat them too, you can be sure that everything is done to have tasty and healthy  produce.

The farm has an open door policy. We encourage everyone to come out and participate in the work at the farm. Please contact us before coming out. We may be at the East Texas property. Also by checking ahead of time we can let you know when will be a good time to come work or visist.  Even if it's just for a few hours you can see first hand how your food is grown.

Cecil, our lead farmer, is a a fourth-generation truck farmer, new to North Texas, but farmed in Southeast Louisiana for many years.  His farms supplied both wholesalers and grocery stores in the greater New Orleans area.

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