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Preparing for the New Year

I can't believe that we're already 2 weeks into a new year. Where did 2019 go? It flew by so fast. January is a busy time for us. Ordering seeds and supplies, planting onions, planting the greenhouse and working the field. Just to name a few. February slows up a little. But this year we are making some changes in the way we'll be laying out the field.

We will be preparing the field and the farm to host some classes. There will be areas to show the progress of how to grow fruits and vegetables. The Teaching Farm has been a goal of mine for a long time. In fact before moving here, I was working on doing the same in Louisiana. It was going to be a partnership with the Dept. of Agriculture. But life happens and here I am. We have reached out to Texas A&M and they are going to assist in a very limited way. We have reached out to some local Ag Extension Agents, as well. We're hoping they will work with us. If not, I'm going forward either way. The Teaching Farm will be open for classes from young children to adults. We'll be reaching out to local schools and groups very soon. We will also host private groups too. The farm will teach how to grow your own food and everything that is involved in doing so. So stay tuned for more information, in the next few weeks.

As many of you know, we've been doing a weekly Farm Box. I've always tried to keep the price as cheap as possible. But in doing so, it almost didn't make a profit. Mainly the cost of everything needed to grow crops, keeps going up. To keep up with the rising costs of the supplies, we will have to raise our prices. Not trying to be greedy but it's that or stop all together. We are also going to be only using sustainable supplies. Speaking of sustainable, it''s the new catch word. It seems like every company is using it. I got to thinking about what that means and realized that we have always been sustainable in the way we raise our crops. But now all of our supplies will be too. Our boxes will be made from reclaimed wood that we're building.

They will look like the one above. Everyone that signs up for the 12 week special will get 2. We'll keep them alternating from week to week. I'm thinking we'll have to sell them as an option for everyone else.

We are also doing Handyman work to supplement the Farm. So if you need any type of work done, please call us. By the way, now is a good time to build a raised bed. I recommend doing a raised bed. Our soil in this area is not the best. A raised bed allows you to control the soil. We can build them to the way you would like them.

I'm just a Farmer, trying to stay being a Farmer. I'm sure not doing this to get rich. It's a way of life for me and can not picture myself doing anything else. Just need to keep the farm in business. I would love to see more people growing their own food. Even if that means less sells for us. I think people should know how to be self sufficient.

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