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Here are some Questions we get asked

QUESTION: I tried to order but the website is not showing anything to buy. Is your website working?

ANSWER: We close the online store on the website around 4 pm every Monday and will open it again on Thursday mornings. This is to give us time to harvest, make the labels and get the delivery routes planned.

QUESTION: Is your Farm Organic?

ANSWER: Yes, however, we are not certified. We try to grow as natural as possible. We eat everything we grow and can eat whatever right in the field without worry. We don't want to eat poison either.

QUESTION: When are the Farm Boxes delivered?

ANSWER:  Farm Boxes usually leave the Farm by 7 am each Wednesday and should be at your door before 4 pm.

QUESTION: I don't do PayPal, do you take other payments?

ANSWER: Yes we take all Debit and Credit Cards. You do not have to click on the PayPal button to order. It's just an option

QUESTION: What is the best way to contact You?

ANSWER:  Email us at or call Farmer Cecil at 817-845-0098

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