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Handyman Services

We are now offering Handyman Services. We have years of experience in heavy construction. Of course as a small Farm, we have to do all our repairs and building. Not too much that we can't do. We have the knowledge and the tools to get the job done.  Fence installations, landscaping, fields mowed, garden beds built or prepared, Home improvements (inside or out), plumbing or anything on that Honey Do List.


Coming in the Spring of 2020. We will be starting a Teaching Farm. It will be a place for kids, teens and adults to come learn the process of growing your own food.

Exposing people to Fruits and Vegetables

Teaching Gardens addresses the healthy eating challenges that are facing our nation’s children and families by supporting the community in growing their own food. This successful approach to engaging youth makes healthy foods fun, and provides opportunities for children to not only grow, but understand and enjoy the benefit of eating healthy foods.We want to help educate and promote healthier lifestyles to their families and communities.  

Farm Box

We will be offering a weekly Farm box for $26 per box. Content will be announced on Fridays..  Purchase before Wednesday.  Each Wed, we'll put the boxes together and have them ready for pick up by 1 PM.

We'll be glad to drop them off at any area if they're will be at least 3 boxes in that area.  Please go to the Farm Box page for more information.

Please indicate in the comment section, where you are going to be picking your box at. 

example: At the Farm or 1725 Quail Grove, Ft Worth

To order a box, please go to the shop tab, online store.


New Home Delivery!

Starting, July 11, 2019, will be offering our weekly Farm Boxes delivered to your home. These boxes will be delivered on each Thursday.. Orders will still need to be placed by each Tuesday night.We will be using a 3rd party for the delivery service. The fee for the HOME DELIVERY is $10 per home. No minimum is required. To start off with, we will keep it to a 25 mile radius.

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