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Weekly Farm Boxes  &
Home Delivery

We have a few Free Community Drop off Locations, ( Bridgeport,  Park Glen, Saginaw, Costco-Quail Grove, Trophy Club and Southlake). If you would like to be a community drop off host please let us know.

If you live within a 35 mile radius from the Farm the Home Delivery Cost will be just $7. And it is already figured into the price of the Box.

Until the fuel prices go back down, we can longer deliver past the 35 mile radius. The contract Delivery Drivers are refusing to deliver past the 35 mile radius. We're trying to find more community drop off locations.

We have also teamed up with some other small Farms in Texas. This was done to help each Farm sell their surplus crops. Keep a watch for some crops that we wouldn't normally offer.

We are taking Food Safety very serious. We're one of the only small farms in this area that is certified in the Food Safety Modernization Act. Also with the Co-vid 19. One benefit of ordering our Farm Box is that only 2 people had a hand in making and putting your box together. Not like the produce you get from Big Box Stores. Who knows how many different people have handled the produce.

Please subscribe for our emails. This will ensure you will keep up with the Farm.

Thank you!

This is not a very busy time for Farm Box sales. We can use all the help we can get in getting more orders.  

Click on the link to see a video on how to prune fruit trees.


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